Celebrating 25 Years and a 2nd Location!

Alternative HRD staffSioux Falls-based Alternative HRD hosted a ribbon cutting to celebrate 25 years in business and the opening of their second location at the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship on April 6.

Alternative HRD provides human resource managed services, and promotes itself as the HR Department for Small Employers. Dan Oakland, founder and CEO, says that Alternative HRD has pioneered bringing professional HR services to small employers. “For 25 years we have been bringing HR managed services and HR best practices to small employers and start-ups. We scale our services for small organizations. We eliminate headaches and implement strategies that help owners and managers fine-tune and grow their businesses,” stated Oakland.

Oakland points out that 95% of employers in the United States are too small to justify having a full-time HR professional on staff. “Our mission”, he explains, “is to help those small employers compete for great people, comply with the regulations they face, and create the culture and environment they desire for their organization.”

One of the challenges in working with small employers, according to Oakland, is that they are on a tight budget and are frequently hesitant to seek outside help. “What is extremely gratifying, though, is when we are able to save money for an employer by reducing turnover, and by improving communications, engagement and productivity. We bring not only the technical knowledge of the HR profession, but the people knowledge, as well. In many cases, we save more for our clients than they spend on our services.”

Alternative HRD provides HR support and interim HR services to larger employers when asked, but their primary focus is on small employers who either ‘outsource’ short-term HR-related projects, or who ‘insource’ HR managed services.

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Alternative HRD has provided outstanding direction, support and human resource management to EarthBend. Whether it has been recruiting and staffing, policy development, managing the open enrollment process or supporting our management team, the Alternative HRD staff, and Julie Nelson in particular, have excelled in the services they provide. Julie supported our incredible growth with the addition of 39 new employees in 2016, did a great job in on-boarding those individuals, and helped prepare us to be an employer of choice!

Rob Beyer, CEO

Rob Beyer, CEO

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I want you to know how helpful the Alternative HRD team has been. Partnering with AHRD might have been one of the most intelligent decisions I have made to this point for Dakota Metals. Melissa Moerike has been an outstanding resource for us and we appreciate her guidance and support.

Mark Ridall, President

Mark Ridall, President

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