About Alternative HRD

Alternative HRD staffImagine a human resource department as a standalone business. Instead of being trapped in a corner office inside some large corporation, we declared our independence and set out to become the HR Department for small employers.

Our vision? To help our customers compete for great people, comply with scores of employment laws and regulations they face, create the team and culture they dreamed of when they started their endeavor, and lead their team to greater success!

Whether you need occasional HR support or ongoing HR management, we have an outstanding team of human resource professionals ready to use their knowledge and expertise for your organization.

Dan Oakland
Dan Oakland
We would love the opportunity to explain the benefits we can provide to you and your team, and how we can not only eliminate some of your headaches and frustrations, but save you money as well!

Alternative HRD was founded in 1992 by Dan Oakland, who had several years of business management, HR management and training experience. Oakland recognized that only about 5 percent of employers throughout the United States were large enough to have an HR professional on staff, yet the other 95 percent of employers – small businesses, non-profits, trade associations and public entities – had to deal with nearly the same compliance, recruiting, management and performance issues that the big employers faced.

For more information about our services, look around our site a bit more, or give us a call or e-mail us at info@alternativehrd.com.