Training and Development

Supervision & Leadership Training

Dan Oakland giving HR presentationAre you developing effective leaders in your workplace? Are they working together, communicating successfully, and producing the results you want? If not we can help you develop, coach and support your leadership team. Contact us for additional information about our training and human resource development curriculum.

  • Responsibilities of Supervision: Accepting Responsibility and Holding Ourselves Accountable
  • Managing Myself: The Toughest One to Manage … Getting the Most of My Own Time and Resources
  • Mistakes Managers Make: Six Common Mistakes Managers Make … and Keep Making
  • Communication Basics: Communicating Expectations So They Cannot Be Misunderstood
  • Communication Principles: Beyond the Words … Improving Your Effectiveness as a Supervisor
  • Communication Styles: Understanding Behavioral Styles and How to Interact Effectively
  • Situational Leadership: Learn How to Diagnose and Treat Problems and Improve Performance
  • Teamwork: Helping Individual Performers Learn to Work Together
  • Elevating Performance: Sabotage Mediocrity by Creating an Environment Where People Can Excel
  • Evaluating Performance: How to Evaluate. What to look for. How to Measure Performance vs. Expectations.
  • Providing Feedback: Learn What Makes Some Feedback Effective and Other Feedback Useless
  • Engagement Factors: Four Key Factors (and Three Management Activities) that Engage Employees
  • Critical Issues: Know the Essentials, and the Dangers, of Labor Laws, Discrimination, Harassment, etc.
  • Correction & Discipline: Handling the Difficult Situations re. People’s Performance and Personality
  • Leading Change: Understanding the Process of Change … How to Get People On-Board

General Staff Training

Respect. Attitude. Responsiveness to change. These are critical aspects of a successful team environment. We can help support and strengthen your team to help them work together successfully, communicate well and produce the results you need and expect. Contact us for additional information about our training and human resource development curriculum.

  • A Matter of Respect: What Employees Need to Know about Discrimination, Harassment, Workplace Violence and other Critical Issues in the Workplace
  • Your Attitudes are Showing: Creating and Managing Your Values, Emotions and Attitudes
  • Dealing with Change: Handling the Emotions, Obstacles and Opportunities that Go with Change
  • Customer Service Skills: Delivering Outstanding Service to Internal and External Customers
  • Dealing with Difficult People: Learning to Diagnose and Respond to Different Types of Situations