HR Strategic Planning/Positioning

HR Strategic PlanningFailure to Plan = Failure to Improve

Our human resource planning process helps our clients identify strategic HR positions that will anchor their organization. Key objectives are:

  • Provide for a regular annual review of the organization’s human resource capital, strengths, weaknesses, risks and action plans
  • Agree on a set of plans and actions over the coming year to improve the organization’s capabilities and value
  • Encourage valuable discussion about the organization’s human resource strengths, weaknesses and action plans
  • Ensure that human resource initiatives are included in the annual operating plan

Failure to Plan = Failure to Improve

Strategic Positions Must Guide Executive and Management Level Decisions

  • HR Strategic Planning must involve the organization’s top executive(s). Support and input from other personnel may be appropriate, but the core assessments and directives must reflect top executive(s) views.
  • Once completed, the top executive should share the HR Strategic Positions with the Board of Directors or Executive Committee, depending on the organization, to gain their support.
  • While HR Strategic Positions should generally be communicated throughout an organization, specific elements of any HR Strategic Plan may need to remain confidential, shared only with those who have a need to know.
  • These positions and this plan serve as the roadmap for the organization for the next year, or whatever term is predetermined.